Made it!

Well, I am here in Manchester NH anyway. Still at the airport. An hour away from my final destination. I misread the bus schedule, and turns out I won't be able to catch the bus until 1:30, not 10:30, like I thought (sunday, duh). boohoo. So, at least they are progressive enough to have free wireless at the airport. I am always amazed at the larger airports charging for internet, yet small airports always seem to have it for free. So, I am going to work on my talk for a while. I finished watching a movie, and thought I'd update the blog, just in case anyone is actually paying attention :)

More from the meeting soon.

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Jackie said...

Hi, Bridge. Congratulations on being selected for a talk - that's a big deal! Hope you enjoyed it :) My hubbie is there now, right behind you. Looking forward to reading about your experience... - J