"we begin life as little scientists"

A really great article in the new yorker, that explains so well how science has affected my life. I came to science "late in life" after dropping out of college, after becoming incredibly disillusioned with life in the modern age. OK, I started reading Kierkegaard in my Norwegian lit class, and it just made me stop and think for about 2 years. That and I realized I didn't really want to be a lawyer, a major in Norwegian wasn't going to get me anywhere, and I was over my head in debt. Amazingly enough, I couldn't work 2 full time jobs, and maintain a 4.0, and live on my own at the same time. The pressure broke me.

Anyway, one morning I was sitting in my apartment in Billings, Montana; pondering what I really loved, what I was passionate about. I loved working in the garden. I loved plants. I loved soil. I loved going for walks, I loved reading and learning about all wonderful creatures on the planet. I realized/remembered/rekindled my love for genetics, ecology and evolution. I decided to move to Missoula that day, and return to school at the University of Montana, where I completed my BA and my MS. Best decision I ever made.

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