10 things I like about Bozeman...first impressions

10. SNOW
9. green green green!
8. no overhead flights
7. Silence at night
6. happy dogs
5. deer in the yard
4. walking trail just outside the back gate
3. people look you in the eye and say hello as you walk past
2. mountains
1. YNP is an hour away


10 things I WON'T miss about Arizona

10. Dust
9. overhead military flights (we are right in the flight path for DM)
8. police helicopters with search lights every weekend
7. Our frat-boy neighbors that listen to their iPods on level 10 while passed out on the porch at 4AM
6. Cockroaches
5. swamp coolers
4. thorns, stickers and spikes
3. border patrol
2. the republican legislature
1. July


10 things I'll miss about Tucson

10. Geckos by the porch light
9. The Monsoons
8. The smell of creosote bush after the rain
7. lizards in the backyard
6. the way the desert buzzes and hums at 100+ in the summer
5. amazing sunsets
4. Oct-March
3. 4th ave to downtown
2. awesome mexican food
1. my friends!