travels with Victor

Well, travels with Victor and Rob. We go out for Sunday drives quite often. This last trip was a bit of a change because where we were going to go was full of campers and rednecks. We wondered if it had been discovered when we found the turnoff marked with a fencepost and red flagging. And then driving down the road, realizing it was much more well-traveled than we had remembered, we feared that our secret spot had been found out. The road dead ends at a wash that is a great hike. Up to some cool pictographs and nice vegetation. The wild flowers are just starting to bloom. So, plan B was to turn around and look for some place new. Further up the road, we discovered a gate that was unlocked and led to state land. So, off we go. Definitely an area for cattle grazing. The road follows a straight line, along a fence. Then it splits into several forks, and we take the left one. It turns backs and follows a wash. Then crosses the wash, and ends up at this strange site with a large tank and recently repaired windmill. Great photo op! I posted the photos on facebook. Anyway, Rob and I are taking photos at this site, wondering why there would be an actual faucet on a cattle tank. Then I remember where we are. 60 miles from the Mexican border. "This is a trap site," I say to Rob. I've read that the BP puts out places where illegal border-crossers can get water, set up motion detectors, and *BAM*, catch them. Not 15 minutes after I make this revelation, I hear a strange hum. Then a throbbing sound. Next thing I know, there is a military 'copter swooping down on us, buzzing us. Not exaggerating here. They are getting close to landing when they must realize we are just locals taking pictures. Surely they got our license plate, and photos of us. Another page added to my FBI file. Life on the border gets weird sometimes.


Hiding in the background

Having fun with teaching selection. Here the kids are putting green and white pegs on different backgrounds and then being predators. The population changes as each generation is produced from the survivors. Fewer white left on a green background and vice versa.