FPS #3

So once again, working at Hastings. Only in Missoula now. Video manager. Responsible. Back in school. Finally got my bearings back and direction in my life. Anyway. A woman is in the sale video aisle with her 2 kids. I recognize her but pretend I don't. I smile. She smiles back. I ask her if she needs anything. She is looking for some kids educational videos. Which we don't carry, but I let her know we can order them and they would be in next week. She says fine- so i fill out the order for "Rose Qually." Whose stage name is Andie McDowell. She was still living in Missoula and 9mile. She was still married to a jerk. She seemed very nice and I was glad to hear she found a better man.


FPS #2

Again, working at Hastings. I have to keep this up b/c my bff is competing with me (LOL LD). A co-worker comes back from lunch, and comments that there is a red Porche outside in the parking. OK, if you knew Billings in the 90s- that was something unusual. Anyway, I decided to check it out. I went outside, and it looked like it was actually parked in front of the Subway next door, so I went back and got my wallet so I could get lunch. I went in to Subway, and who was sitting in there eating a friggin Subway sandwich? Tom Cruise and Emilio Estevez. I wanted to ask for autographs so badly. But there is something in me that thinks that is so creepy and weird. So I ordered my sandwich and left. I have often thought "why the hell would Tom Cruise and Emilio Estevez be eating at Subway??" Doesn't it seem a little low-brow?


famous person story

So my friend posted her famous person story. I have some good ones. even living in MT, we see famous ppl. What is funny to me, is that they all happened at Hastings Books Music & Video. In Billings in 1991- incident number one. This really TALL redheaded woman came in. I was working in the stockroom on a Tuesday. Tuesday was the day we got magazines. She was hassling the book person at 10AM, right when we opened, about "where was the new Vanity Fair?" The poor salesperson came back, and lo and behold, we had NOT gotten the new VF in the Tuesday morning shipment. The salesgirl went back out, and this tall redhead FREAKED. I went out and explained to her that we sometimes got only half the shipment of new magazines on Tuesday morning, and got the second shipment on Tuesday afternoon. I would take her number and call her when the new issue came in. She was irate! Said she would go elsewhere. We were IDIOTS. She left. I heard she came back later that day, when the 2nd shipment came in a bought her copy, that as I said came in the afternoon ship. She was on the cover. She is Nicole Kidman. In Montana to film Far and Away. Could have not been a beeyoch. But she was.

my attempt at poetry

the things

i should do

would do


keep me awake in sleep

then dream through the day





Its a new day

With a new president. A historic moment yes. My hopes are that Pres Obama listens to his science advisor. That he fully funds science and science education. We can no longer afford to allow ourselves to lag behind other countries in numbers of students pursuing STEM degrees.


Election Day

I think you know where I stand. Regardless, get out and vote! I did early voting, so let's hope my vote actually gets counted. Light a fire people. We have tough times ahead, and only through serious change will we come out on the other side.