Posting frequency

I have a feeling these posts will be further and further apart. As I look for jobs and try to finish the dissertation "thing," I fear that I will not devote as much time to extracurricular activities.

I just got back from DC. NSF meeting. Posting a photo of the view of the Jefferson Memorial across the tidal pond, with some cherry trees in bloom. Jefferson is my favorite prez, even if he was a slave owning aristocrat from Virginia.

DC was strange. I was surprised at how disappointed I was. The lawns all looked a bit sad, full of crab grass and goose poop. The war memorials now dominate the landscape. We remember our wars, but we don't have grand monuments on the Mall to the constitution, the declaration of independence, emancipation, woman's right to vote...


Asilomar, here we come!

Scott is picking me up in 1 hr and I am still not packed. But I can blog! Meeting starts Tomorrow. Looks like some great talks and best of all old friends I haven't seen in a while. Hope this itouch works as well as I need. I am leaving the laptop behind. Let's see how long I last, LOL!!


Post from itouch

Just seeing if it will really work. This keyboard I'd like 2 change, but still pretty cool. So long as I can get wireless!


The size of the bars to the left indicates the amount of GDP that is produced by each category. So, sectors of the economy that are "making bucks." The ecologists viewpoint is the classic food pyramid, at the bottom are all the things we need to support the rest: we depend on agriculture for our food, extraction of natural resources for our energy and raw materials, and forests for the wood to build all those houses. It is amazing to me that the connection is not made that if you have no more forests, you build no more conventional houses. We've all seen what a bursting bubble in the housing market has done to our economy. What if global warming so alters our climate that we don't have enough at the bottom of the pyramid to sustain our current standard of living? Does anyone else see the problem with the pyramid? Maybe a little unstable?