Genetics and canine racism

Something has been bugging me lately. So, I will blog about it- speaking to the ether/interwebs may help. You may notice that I have changed my photo on my page. In order to start the conversation. If anyone has had a mixed breed dog- a MUTT if you will, you know the curiosity that ensues- what IS my dog?? Genetic testing has become a craze to help folks answer this question, but in my mind- the mind of a geneticist- what does the REALLY tell us about our beloved pet? If you find that there is some familial lineage leading to a pit bull or a rottweiler, does that change who your pet is? Well, in the minds of "canine racists" it could. A breed designation does not define the dog. The raising, socialization and training a dog receives is what defines the dog. Often I refer to my Irish/Scottish/German/Norwegian heritage. But being raised in America makes me an American in modern society. Being raised by decent parents and getting a good education has defined me as a person. Yes, our genetics plays a role, but in a very complex and variable way. I call for an end to canine racism!!