Meeting Recap vol. 1

So, I promised to do a recap of the meeting, and highlights. This is my first pass. I'll have to do the specifics on the talks from my lab office because I alredy took all my notes to work, and left them on my desk. Part of the problem of having 3 offices...stuff gets lost easily :)

First impressions of the site- New Hampshire is much more rural that I expected! Having been in Woods hole and Cold Springs Harbor, I was expecting fancy multimillion dollar homes. In actuality lots of small places and manufactured homes. Not pretentious at all!

Didn't get to do as much hiking as I'd like- ended up getting involved in dealing with alcohol runs to the local market, as my friend Taylor's postdoc advisor was co-chair of the meeting and the other co-chair was absent because of likelihood of his wife giving birth that week. It was fun though, and got to hang out with Taylor more, and her fellow postdoc Steve. The Madison crew are fun! And will get to see them when I am in Milwaukee in Aug. Beer! Thank goodness for fungi :)

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