Yes Virginia, there are fossil fungi

I love fossils, especially when they are of fungi!


Trebor Resro said...

Are you sure those weren't put there by Satan to deceive us?

Anonymous said...

what about the top hat fossil? or the fossil teddy bear? or the more then 10,000 mayan pictures and painings or them riding or interacting with dinosaurs long before dino fossils have been rediscovered? what about science, that proves a world wide flood 4000 years ago? thats right, you cant pick and choose which scientific facts you want to have exist to ride your "theories". the fact is that is only takes a few years under the right conditions to make a fossil. the chalk line that found on every continant with the same time frame proves their was indeed a flood. evolutionist dont want to acknowledge some parts of science especially this part because that means everyone and everything has evolved in just 4000 years. ouch!!! but yeah i agree with you about one thing. fossils are pretty cool. take care and God bless