Scientific Process, thank you very much

Today is my birthday. I won't divulge which one, just cuz I am a big baby.

I spent the early part of the day teaching the scientific process (different from method). Good times. I think they got it.

I ate my first In and Out burger.

I had drink(s) with friends at an Irish pub.

A good day.


Jackie said...

A belated happy b-day to you, Bridge - I KNOW which one it was (cause i'm getting one just like it pretty soon. I guess it beats the alternative.) I wanted to defend b/4 the big day, but it's not going to happen. Hope you're well...

Bridget said...

LOL Jackie- yes, it was a bit traumatic, but I am getting over it now. Also wanted to finish before the big day, but looking like July for defense. More papers to finish. Lab work should be done though. Off to assemble some sequences today, and then analyze. Whoop! Hope you are well too!