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I like to think that the debate is over. I am beginning to realize the threat that science poses to religion. Surrounding myself with others who think as I do, it is often hard to see that most people do not think critically, and indeed view it as a sin to do so.

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rohanse77 said...

Om, Wow, what a continuing vibration from subaudible to cosmic waves, om, amen (and awomen) in honor of the birth pangs and original bang. Bangs are wonderfully good. They will continue. DNA, mitochrondrial DNA, will continue to vibrate and encode themselves in neat spiral chains, wow, amen! It is not possible to determine the direction of the original energy, electomagnetic spectrum from subaudible to cosmic micronanometer wavelengths, because the energy goes through gas clouds that have an index of refraction. And the index of refraction changes the observable direction. And even just two frequencies traveling through a nonlinear medium cause heterodyning (resulting in the sum and difference of the two different frequencies, and hence you have four. What if you have 1,000,000 different frequencies? How do you observe the source "objectively" or even "subjectively"? If I ask anymore unanswerable question, do I not force myself into a headtripper, like that of "Mr Nowhere Man?" Who was it who said "God makes the foolish things to confound the wise."? Huh? Wow!
Even scientifically lauded Heisenberg said "You can't measure the speed of an atom without altering its course. And you can't measure its position without altering its speed." This is proof that there is no way to be objective about anything, and yet people ask to have the gifts of the Holy Spirit." And prophets who live in that milieu have recently predicted when and where terrorists resided who had plans for destroying Israel, and they went and nailed those nasty brats. The Holy Spirit is still here operating openly on the GodChannel from Lakeland, FL; and thousands of people have been openly healed of incurable diseases, and 18 people have been raised from the dead by the power of the living resurrecting Christ.

Many unbelievers can just blow these events off without observing and just say "Poppycock," but even as they lie to themselve like this, they have made reference to the father and the continuing big bang.